Vibrant Church Renewal

The need for Vibrant Church Renewal across the Michigan District is evident by the number of our churches that are either declining (31) or plateaued (27). Starting in March 2018, the Michigan District will launch 3 Pastoral Cohorts involving 14 churches. These 14 pastors will commit to an 18 month study of the 10 characteristics of a growing church. Each pastor will conduct the same cohort with 3-5 leaders within their local church.

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The Vibrant Church Renewal Project is founded on research of the 50 largest, growing Nazarene churches in North America, yielding the top 10 characteristics essential for health and growth. The cohorts meet each month.  Every other month they will study one of the 10  characteristics for church health and growth together with 4-6 other pastors in a two hour online meeting. The other month they will meet  for 1 hour of online accountability.  And then in turn the pastors  will each duplicate these sessions in the local church.  


  1. Establishing a missional framework

  2. Pastoral self-leadership

  3. Assessment of present realities

  4. Developing transformative worship experiences

  5. Process for discipleship

  6. Evangelism

  7. Spiritual principles

  8. Leading complex change

  9. Conflict resolution and the power of unity

  10. Leadership development and delegation


Teaching Session ~ 2 hours:

 ◦ 5   minutes – Welcome, Prayer and Introduction

 ◦ 20 minutes – Discussion around the 10-Questions

 ◦ 20 minutes – Report of previous month’s progress toward execution of local plans.

 ◦ 60 minutes – Video presentation/discussion. 5-7 minute video by an expert peer, ending with questions for group discussion.

 ◦ 10 minutes – Development and Group Presentation of the challenge assignment for the 2 months ahead

                          (executed in partnership with the pastor’s local church cohort).

 ◦ 5  minutes – Wrap and Prayer

Accountability/Encouragement Session ~ 1 hour:

 ◦ 5  minutes – Welcome, Prayer

 ◦ 10 minutes – Discussion around the question assigned from the 10 questions

 ◦ 40 minutes – Review of each video with Local Church RAND Leadership Cohort updates from each participant

 ◦ 5   minutes – Wrap and Prayer


online sessions at 10 am and 7 pm

March 22nd

April 26th

May 10th

June 14th

July 12th

August 9th

September 13th

October 11th

November 8th

December 13th