Every pastor needs a place for encouragement, peer to peer learning, and regular training in pastoral ministry.  Pastoral Cohorts are designed to meet these three needs of every pastor.  Each cohort will be devised to meet specific needs by organizing around different affinities.  These affinities are as diverse as the pastors and churches on the Michigan District.


Each Cohort will meet 3-4 times a year for 3 hours. The time will include a meal together.  The Cohorts will be developed based upon the interest of those pastors that sign up to participate.


Possible Cohorts to be offered.

  • Lead Pastors with Staff Members
  • Staff Pastors
  • Women Clergy
  • Bi-Vocational Pastors (will meet in the evening)
  • Pastors of Churches of 100 or less
  • Finishing Well – Going toward Retirement
  • Youth Ministry
  • Organic Pastoral Ministry
  • Church Planters
  • Vital Church Renewal – This is for churches that are either declining or stalled. This group will require a two year commitment and will meet monthly.