• Lifelong Learning Code:  82725
  • Bibliography - Here is a list of resources that were presented at the Loved to Love Conference.  PDF
  • Discussions - Michigan District Round Table Discussions PDF
  • Liturgy - This is the liturgy that Pastor Brad read at the close of the conference.  PDF
  • Church of the Nazarene Manual - 31 Human Sexuality & Marriage PDF


Meeting recordings are below.  Click on the Orange Link and the timestamp for each speaker is indicated next to the speaker's name.

#1 Meeting Recording:

Dr. Todd Bowman (00:43:26)  

Dr.  Janet Dean (01:36:53)  Slides Not Shown in Video

#2 Meeting Recording:

Bill Henson (00:58:510) 10 Key Traits of Effective Missionaries Slide

Lesli Hudson-Reynolds (01:44:37)

Alexander Largo and Graciela Medina de Largo  (02:50:20)

#3 Meeting Recording:

Panel Discussion (00:06:31)

(Panelists: Anderson McGee, Elijah Drake, Mason Sebian, Miche Andre, and Zach Edwards) 

Misty Irons (00:55:57)

David Bennett (01:57:00) or Original Video is Here

Pieter Valk - (02:46:17) Pieter Valk's Notes

#4 Meeting Recording:

Greg Johnson (00:11:07)

Wesley Hill (00:52:40)

#5 Meeting Recording:

Martel Farley & Anderson Kellman from Barbados (00:55:52)

Julia Sadusky (02:43:31)

#6 Meeting Recording:

Sarah McGee (00:07:12)

Rev. Roland Hearn (01:02:12)

Antonie Holleman (01:49:32)

#7 Meeting Recording:

Olivia Phillips (00:37:35)

Rev. Anderson McGee (01:20:18)

Contact Information:

Anderson McGee Co - Pastor Co - Executive Director of Loved to Love

Midtown Church of the Nazarene Office:913-938-6770


*The Loved to Love: The 2022 Love Wins: LGBT Resourcing Conference was held at the Nazarene Theological Seminary

*Worship led by Rick Lee James