To mobilize the church in mission

through prayer, discipleship, giving, and education.


e 2022 NMI Convention was held at Indian Lake Nazarene Camp on July 9, 2022.  

Video of NMI Convention can be viewed here:  

NMI Convention Part I  NMI Convention Part II

If you would like to purchase missionary books, they are available to purchase here.

Videos from Convention

Promotion Video for Work & Witness to ANU:


Greetings from the Owens:


You can stay updated with the Barber's YouTube channel here.

NMI Resource Book:


Fawn Grove Presentation


Fawn Grove Compassionate Center is accepting Crisis Care Kits (CCK) and School Pal-Paks.  If you have old kits or paks, check the expiration dates and if needed, replace with new items.  Check the websites for specific directions and listings (see below).  Deviating from these lists can cause an entire shipment to be rejected in customs.

Click for CCK Website

Click for School Pal-Pak Website

Remember to send a check - made payable to Global Treasury Services, Church of the Nazarene (see website for more instructions).

$12.00 per box - CCK

$10.00 per box - School Pal-Pak

TOP 5 Mission Impacts for Every Church

  • Prayer
  • World Evangelism Fund
  • Alabaster
  • Involve Children and Youth in Missions
  • Support your LINKS Missionary

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Please ensure that the NMI logo used on websites, social media and printed material, is the most current NMI logo with a cross at the center to reflect that the cross is central to all NMI endeavors.


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