Sunday July 14th & Monday July 15th

Indian Lake Nazarene Campground

8258 Victory Street, Vicksburg, MI. 49097

Dr. Eugenio R. Duarte, Presiding General Superintendent

Rev. Kevin T. Hardy, Michigan District Superintendent

Dr. John Bowling, Olivet Nazarene University President


Expansion - Stretching Beyond Your Comfort Zone


Is it time for you to EXPAND?  Stretching beyond your comfort zone is never easy.  So often we get stuck in a rut, bored with the same old, feel the “itch” to do more, have an opportunity to try something new but, fear of change keeps us from EXPANDING!  


God is an ever EXPANDING GOD!  He is always expanding His Kingdom.  He is seeking to increase your faith, your vision, your influence and, your life.  For you to expand, you must be willing to stretch yourself beyond your current level of comfort.  


Mission Advance 2019 will be all about celebrating the expansion of His Kingdom and inspiring every pastor, delegate, and church to expand in 2019/2020. God is EXPANDING the Michigan District and He needs you to e-x-p-a-n-d!  Don’t miss Mission Advance 2019!

Mission Advance 2019 Schedule

July 13 - Saturday

Nazarene Mission International (NMI) Convention

  8:00 am     Registration

  9:00 am     Convention - Morning Session

12:00 pm     Lunch

  1:30 pm     Convention - Afternoon Session

July 14 – Sunday

10:00 am     Morning Worship - Dr. Duarte  (children's service provided)

  3:00 pm     Registration – Information Desk

  3:00 pm     Electronic Voting Begins

  6:00 pm     Missional Worship Service - Rev. Kevin Hardy

July 15 – Monday

  7:00 am     Registration (registration & voting closes at 1:00 p.m)

  8:30 am     Opening Business Session

12:00 pm     Lunch

  1:00 pm     Voting Closes

  2:00 pm     Afternoon Business Session

  4:30 pm     Dismissal

  6:15 pm     Ordained Elder's Choir Rehearsal

  7:00 pm     Ordination Service

  9:15 pm     Ordination Reception

Mission Advance Housing

Overnight lodging is very limited at Indian Lake Campground.  Please call the camp office 269-649-2281 or email for availability.  Or use the link below for area hotels options.  

Lodging Options

Mission Advance Pastors' Reporting Forms

Church Certificate of Election 2019

Church Directory 2019

Deceased Church Members 2019

Supplemental Report 2019

2019 Definitions for the Pastor's Supplemental Report