July 14-19, 2020

Special Speakers

Drs. Charles & Carla Sunberg

10:15 & evening speakers

Rev. Hal Perkins

Bible Teacher

2020 Family Camp Service Schedule

July 14th - Tuesday

9 am    Bible Study

10:15 am  Service

7 pm  Service

July 15th - Wednesday

9 am    Bible Study

10:15 am  Service

7 pm Service

July 16th - Thursday

9 am    Bible Study

10:15 am  Service

7 pm     Children's Choir

7 pm    Service

July 17th - Friday

9 am    Bible Study

10:15 am    Service

7 pm NYI Service with Rev. Travis & Jesi Myers

July 18th - Saturday

9 am    Bible Study

10:15 am    Service

7 pm  Service

July 19th - Sunday

10:15 am     Service

4 pm    Service


Nursery care for children birth - up to age 2 during all 10:15 am and evening service.  Located in the rear of the sanctuary.

Pre-school activities for ages 2-Kindergarten during all 10:15 am and evening services.  Located in the lower level of the Conference Center - "The Underground".  The children will participate in the children's choir in the main session on Thursday evening at 7pm.

Children's activities for children in grades 1 - 6:

Tuesday - Saturday   Family Camp - 10:15 am & 7 pm - Learning Center

     * The Children will participate in the Children's Choir in the tabernacle on Thursday evening at 7 pm.

Sunday, July 19th     Family Worship Together in the Tabernacle both services (10:15 am & 4 pm)

For more information or to volunteer please contact Allison Gregory.

FOR THE YOUTH teens in grades 7-12.  

Speakers:  Rev. Travis & Jesi Myers

Lansing SouthNaz

Teen Activity Schedule

Tuesday - Saturday at 10:15 am  - Chapman Memorial

Tuesday - Saturday afternoons ISAC Open

Tuesday - Saturday at 7 pm  - Tabernacle

Afterglows - Wednesday & Friday after evening service - ISAC

Please contact Indian Lake Nazarene Camp, 269.649.2281, for housing options available during Family Camp.

To help us prepare for your arrival, please fill out the Family Camp Registration Form.