Children's Quizzing

2019/2020 - Genesis

We want this to be your one stop to find all the information and resources you need for your  Children's Quizzing program. Below you will find our 2019/2020 schedule, many resource links to help with teaching and coaching and, links to purchase any materials you will need.  We will continue to add information as it becomes available.   If you have any questions that you can't find the answer for below please, contact our District Quiz Director, Elizabeth Stedman.  We are excited for this year of Children's Quizzing.  

Coaches take notice: When doing Digsite 2, the verse in the student book is wrong (it is the old version).  The verse in the leaders book is correct.  


October 19th - Owosso   (lessons 1-6)

November 16th - 2 locations TBA    (lessons 1-9)

January 18th - 2 locations TBA   (lessons 1-15)

February 22nd - Perry & TBA (lessons 1-20)

March 7th - District Finals - Lansing South   (lessons 1-20)

June 6th - Regionals at ONU

Coaching Resources

Memory Verses 2019/2020 Genesis

The Foundry Publishing

to order quizzing materials

Teaching Resources

120 lessons for all 6 years in curriculum in cartoon format.  

password:  testquiz

The Word for Kids

video lessons on Genesis. 

(found on youtube)

CD's and DVD's to help with Quizzing Bible memory

Please contact District Quiz Director - Elizabeth Stedman with any further questions.