Sunday July 15th & Monday July 16th

Indian Lake Nazarene Campground

8258 Victory Street, Vicksburg, MI. 49097

Mission Advance 2018 Schedule

July 15 – Sunday

10:00 am     Morning Worship - Dr. Duarte  (children's service provided)

  2:00 pm     Registration – Information Desk

  2:00 pm     Electronic Voting Begins (voting closes at 6:00 pm)

  6:00 pm     Missional Worship Service - Rev. Kevin Hardy

  8:00 pm     Electronic Voting Open (voting closes at 8:30 pm)

July 16 – Monday

  7:00 am     Registration & Electronic Voting Open (registration & voting closes at 9:00 a.m)

  8:30 am     Opening Business Session

12:00 pm     Lunch & Final Voting Session

  1:00 pm     Voting Closes

  2:00 pm     Afternoon Business Session

  4:30 pm     Dismissal

  6:15 pm     Ordained Elder's Choir Rehearsal

  7:00 pm     Ordination Service

  9:15 pm     Ordination Reception

Mission Advance Housing

Overnight lodging is very limited at Indian Lake Campground.  Please call the camp office 269-649-2281 or email for availability.  Or use the link below for area hotels options.  

Lodging Options

Special Guests

  • Dr. Eugenio R. Duarte

    General Superintendent, Church of the Nazarene

  • Rev. Kevin T. hardy

    District Superintendent, Michigan District Church of the Nazarene

  Mission Advance 2018 Theme: 

WHAT's NExt?

Questions We Are Asking 

Dreams To Be Started!  

The Michigan District is fertile ground for a new movement of God!  New dreams, new church plants, new ministries, new expressions of God’s work are ready to be launched all across our district. 1.6 million people have no church home or profess faith in any god. The harvest is ripe!  God is imploring us to have a new found passion and holy zeal for lost people

These are the questions we will be asking. 

The NEXT Garden 

Where will YOU sow seeds for the NEXT CHURCH?

The NEXT Generation 


The NEXT Goal 


The NEXT Gathering 

Where will the NEXT District ADVANCE be located?

May God birth a new dream inside EVERY  pastor, leader and, church across the Michigan District.