As of November 2015 we have a new ONLINE form to complete to report your local church SDMI, Morning Worship and Responsibility List numbers.  

Please remember the due date for monthly averages is the Tuesday after the last Sunday of the month.


In an effort to make the reporting of monthly averages easier and more accurate we have developed a short online form that will allow you to directly report this information. This will replace the need to email your monthly averages to your Missional Area Chairperson.


New reporting process

      1. Click this link for the form:

      2. Provide the requested information. All questions are required or the form will not submit.

a.       Select the reporting month

b.      Select your church

c.       Type your name

d.      Type your email address

e.      Type your SDMI/Discipleship/Small Group average (see attached for a description of what to include in this count).

f.        Type your AM Worship average (see attached for a description of what to include in this count).

g.       Type your Responsibility List count (see attached for a description of what to include in this count).

      3. Click submit

      4. Click this link to view your submitted results


      5. If the results shown in step 4 are not accurate repeat steps 1-4. The form allows multiple submissions and we will use the more recent submission for reporting.


Those not having a computer/internet/email/etc. can either work with someone in their local church to access the form and enter the information or continue to provide the information to their Missional Area Chairperson who will then enter it into the form.


This change is being made to (1) increase accuracy, (2) reduce the burden on Missional Area Chairpersons and district staff, and (3) decrease the time it takes to report the information back out to churches and up to the global Church. 


If you have any trouble or questions with this process please let me know.

Chad Bailey
MI District Statistician

For guidelines on reporting attendance, go to:


or click on the documents below:


Sunday School Attendance Reporting Guidelines

Morning Worship Attendance Reporting Guidelines

Responsibility List Guidelines

SDMI Attendance Ministry Guidelines

SDMI Missional Area Stats Contacts:

Northeast Area Chair
Ginny Suderman
                                                                                                                       Phone:  989-430-0397 

Southeast Area Chair
Mark Elliott
Phone: 517-437-3487 ot 517-990-4882

Capital Area Chair                                                                                                                           Bethany Stockton
271 E. Haven Drive
Owosso, MI 48867
Phone: 989-721-5453

Northwest Area Chair
Marcia Weeks
8501 Elmdale Rd
Clarksville, MI 48815
Phone: 616-485-1616

Southwest Area Chair
Marcia Bittenbender
11193 Main St
Vicksburg, MI 49097
Phone: 269-649-4246