Gil and Sarah Thibault,
Megan and Malachi
Joshua and Shannon Herndon,
Karis and Kaeden
Paul and Margaret Dayhoff”RETIRED

Field Address:
Gil and Sarah
c/o AIM Kutia 150  PTK 1
Rr. Nene Tereza
Prishtina, Kosovo (via Albania)

Home address (summer of 2014):
Gil and Sarah Thibault
4500 S. Winn Rd.
Mt. Pleasant, MI  48858

Phone: 989-773-9301

Email: We can be contacted at this address or Gil's address, which is  We don't really have any restrictions on receiving communication, although any correspondence should be sensitive to the fact that the majority faith in Kosova is not our own.

Anniversary: June 9, 2001

Birthdays: Gil”Apr 26
Sarah-Nov 5
Megan-June 12, 1997 
Malachi-Oct 28, 2009



Facebook: Sarah Rozga Thibault and Gil Thibault

Skype: gil_thibault

· Gil grew up in Connecticut and Sarah grew up in Michigan.  They met at Eastern Nazarene College and then lived in Kansas City for 9 years before coming to Kosovo.  Gil likes watching football and baseball.  Sarah enjoys reading and spending time having coffee with friends.  Megan (16) likes spending time with friends, reading and listening to music.  Malachi (3) likes to play with legos.  He also likes cars and trucks and coloring. We love Mexican and Asian food (both of which are pretty hard to get in Kosovo), hot cocoa and coffee.

· Possible gift suggestions for us are Barnes and Noble gift cards (for Gil and Sarah), Amazon and iTunes gift cards (for Megan).  We like taco seasoning and stir fry seasoning packets, as well as hot cocoa packets and ground coffee. Megan also likes makeup, jewelry and Reese's Peanut Butter cups.  Malachi likes legos, coloring books, crayons, markers and puzzles.


Field address:

     Calle Talavera 4, 2B
     Illescas 45200

Home assignment dates: June”August 2015

Skype: herndon_family; herndon_missions


Facebook: Joshua Herndon, Shannon Grigory Herndon

Anniversary: October 11, 2003

Joshua-July 3 
Shannon-August 31
Karis Loree-October 16, 2004
Kaeden Joshua-June 22, 2007



Languages: English and Spanish

Fields Served: Spain

· Joshua enjoys basketball, American Football, photography, and traveling to new places. He loves spicy foods.  iTunes and Amazon gift cards for music and books, Mr. Goodbar and Hostess Ding Dongs are his favorite gifts.

· Shannon enjoys reading, watching chick flicks, and coffee.  Gift ideas would be flavored coffee creamers, amazon (and starbucks gift cards for when she is home), kitchen/food items are also helpful such as taco seasoning, ranch dressing packets, chocolate chips, brown sugar, etc.

· Karis is very girly.  She enjoys dancing, singing, biking, score and skateboard, reading, crafts, movies, iTunes, Amazon, fruit loops cereal, strawberry Pop Tarts, glitter pens and craft items.

· Kaeden is all boy! He loves Superheroes and Star Wars (and loves to dress up as superheroes). Gift ideas would be Legos, coloring books, colored pencils and crayons, star wars, Cap'n Crunch cereal and Strawberry Pop Tarts.



PO Box 262
University Park, IA  52595-0262

Phone: 641-673-8214



     Paul”October 8th
     Margaret”February 17
Anniversary”September 11, 1954

Languages”English, Afrikaans, Sotho, Zulu

Last Field Served: South Africa

· During their final term as missionaries, the Dayhoff's helped to pen the multi-ethnic Nazarene Theological in the Johannesburg area.  Paul served as director of Theology Department as well as teaching.  Margaret served as Academic Director, Director of English, Fine Arts and Sciences.

· Paul grew up on the mission field and saw the need first hand.  His greatest passion was training Africans to replace him.  Margaret reluctantly agreed to follow God's call to Africa.  She was greatly blessed by her obedience.

· Hobbies:  They like to walk, read, do puzzles, and are involved in many activities.  Like crossword puzzles and Sudoku.

· They have 3 daughters, 1 son; 8 grandchildren (3 married) and 5 great grandchildren (one born in December 2013.)

· We always need prayer for ourselves, our family and other ministries in the local church, district, and our community.  Pray for Margaret as she still "hangs out with the youth every Wednesday night.


Email received July 14, 2014