Download Convention Forms to Mail

Dear Pastors and Local President,

Enclosed are the NMI report forms for the statistical year 2016 - 2017.  These reports are due and should be postmarked by JUNE 10, 2017.

We COMBINED the President's Report and the Outstanding Achievement Report into ONE DOCUMENT.

Email to: or Snail mail to:     

Mark Baker

404 Hibbard Ave

Jackson, MI  49202


Please read the instruction sheet carefully before filling out the forms.  Be sure to check with your Pastor to see that your totals are the SAME as his/hers for his/her District Assembly written report.  If there is a difference, the figures from your Pastor's report must be used.

Thank you so very much for your prompt return!  God bless you as you rejoice over what God has been able to do through your church!  Looking forward to seeing you at Indian Lake!

DON'T FORGET!  100% reports in and postmarked on or before JUNE 10th!!

Mr. Mark Baker

District NMI Secretary