Christian Action Council

Church of the Nazarene, Michigan District
Christian Action
Please think!     Please get involved!     Please dialogue!
A Reminder for all Churches:
We have been mandated and are morally responsible for compliance with the "zero tolerance" practice of child protection by the General Church of the Nazarene.
  • Update your Child Protection and Insurance Policies
  • Update your practices
  • Be vigilant 
Christian Action and Awareness Websites
 (use with vigilance, discretion, and discernment):
       All-Issue Coverage
American Family Association of Michigan:
Christian Coalition of America:
Concerned Women of America:
Focus on the Family Action:
Michigan Family Forum (Sound Public Policy for Stronger Michigan Families):
Vision America:
      Addictive Behaviors
Covenant Eyes (pornography): (Understand, Prevent, & Resolve Life's Challenges):
MICAP (Michigan Council on Alcohol Problems/American Alcohol & Drug Information Foundation):
Mothers Against Drunk Driving:; Keys to Recovery:   
Pure Life Ministries (pornography):
      Beginning and End of Life Issues
Christian Medical and Dental Associations: Changing Hearts in Healthcare   (This site offers helpful ethics statements.)
Right to Life of Michigan:
       Human Rights, Poverty, and Injustices
Amnesty International:
World Vision:
Presidential Prayer Team:
National Day of Prayer: 
       Public Decency Standards
Morality in Media:  
        Focus on the Family:
Strengthen the Family: 
       Religious Freedom
Alliance Defense Fund (Defending Our First Liberty):
American Center for Law & Justice:
Liberty Council (Restoring the Culture by Advancing Religious Freedom, the Sanctity of Human Life and the Family):
Religious Freedom Coalition (Promoting Religious Freedom and Family Based Legislation:
Thomas More Law Center (The Sword and Shield for People of Faith):
       Violence and Conflict Response
Michigan Coalition Against Domestic Violence:
Peacemakers Ministries: