Welcome Pastors and Ministry Leaders!

It is a pleasure to serve with you as we work together to make the Holy Name of Jesus Christ known throughout the Michigan District and beyond.

This page is designed to help you navigate the sometimes confusing waters of some of the business of the church, such as: the Annual Pastors Report, Retiring Ministers, Moving Ministers, Hiring Ministers, and more. Below you will find a brief description of the various topics as well as links to the appropriate pages where you can find the necessary information.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about these topics or any others please feel free to contact me anytime at or 517-372-7341.

The Following Topics are Addressed (please click to jump to that section):
• Pastor’s Annual Report
• District Licensed Ministers
• Moving Ministers
• Hiring Ministers
• Retiring Ministers
• Nazarene Account
• District Journal
• Forms

Pastor’s Annual Report – The Pastor’s Annual Report includes a great deal of information that is necessary for the preparation of the District Assembly. It Includes: Certificate of Election for delegates to District Assembly, a Church Directory Sheet, Deceased Church Member Form, General Superintendents’ Growth Award, and the Annual Statistical Report. To download these forms and for more information please go to the Pastor’s Annual Report Page.

District Licensed Ministers – If you are a District Licensed Minister you will have to meet annually with the District Credentials Board and the District Studies Board. Each year you will have to submit the appropriate forms and also have a recommendation from your pastor and church board. For more information and to download forms please visit the Credentials Board Page.

Moving Ministers – If you are moving from one district to another it is the moving minister’s responsibility to notify the District Secretary from the district you are leaving so that your credentials can be transferred. If you are new to the Michigan District please fill out Ministry Data Form (from the District Office) and return to the District Office.

Hiring Ministers – When the time comes for your church to hire additional ministry personnel please notify both the District Superintendent and the District Secretary. Remember, the District Superintendent must give approval prior to the hiring of any new ministerial staff. This ensures that we have proper records and also that we can take care of any necessary
credentialing matters.

Retiring Ministers – If you are a pastor and are planning on retiring it is important that you notify both the District Superintendent and the District Secretary prior to retiring so that your retirement code can be correctly filed with the Global Ministry Center. Once your retirement code has been filed it cannot be changed. Please note, this code has nothing to do with being able to pastor a church again or with Pensions and Benefits.

Nazarene Account – Every District Licensed or Ordained Minister in the Church of the Nazarene has a “Nazarene Account.” This is a site with a lot of valuable information including: The Annual Pastor’s Report, Funding the Mission, and My Profile. For more information on these, and to find out how to access or create your Nazarene Account please visit the Nazarene Account Page.

District Journal – The District Journal is the official record of the Michigan District and it contains important information including: Church Directory, Directory of District Leaders and Officers, Minutes from District Assembly, and more. The District Journal can be downloaded in PDF format.

Forms – This page contains downloadable forms for various areas – Pastor’s Annual Report, Licensed Minister, etc. Please click here to visit the Forms page.