Other Church Health Resources

For a Church Health powerpoint presentation that explains the Church Health Vital Signs, click on the link below.

Church Health Presentation

For a one-page coaching appointment summary, click here.

The Nazarene Global Ministry Center provides a Missional Church Assessment Survey that can be taken to survey an entire congregation, summarize their feelings and attitudes and assist in starting missional conversations. For more information on the NMCS, click on the links below.

Nazarene Missional Church Assessment Survey

Nazarene Missional Church Assessment Survey Instructions

Data Entry Instructions

Sample Data Report

National Map of Religious Affiliations By State

Every few years the Pew Foundation does an extensive survey of religious faith in America. Based on people's resources, they are sorted into major groupings -- Christians, Other Religions such as Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Unaffiliated. The "unaffiliated" include atheist, agnostic and nothing in particular.

To view a national map of religious affiliations for U.S. adults, click here and then roll your curser over the map to see results state by state.