Church Health Vital Signs

"Are we doing the right thing? Are we doing it the right way? How do we know? These are 3 questions every church should regularly ask as it moves toward becoming healthier. " – Dr. Peter Drucker

Our physical bodies are made up of many different parts and they are all vital to our health. Every day the medical community is learning more information about how God has put our physical body together. If we are healthy, just like the church, our body operates through various “systems” that all work together, making us healthy, i.e. our nervous system (leadership), muscular system (ministry), cardiovascular system (spirituality), respiratory system (worship), digestive system (small groups), reproductive system (evangelism), endocrine system (relationships) and skeletal system (structures). A healthy church is like a healthy body, in that when all of the key areas of church life, i.e. leadership, ministry, spirituality, worship, small groups, evangelism, relationships and structures…when the “vital signs” from all of these areas are good, research from over 60,000 congregations worldwide shows the church will ALWAYS be growing and healthy.

As the Church Health Board of the Michigan District, we are committed to assisting you to better understand the church health “vital signs.” Church “vital signs” research reveals that healthy/growing and unhealthy/declining churches vary significantly in some quality “vital sign” areas. 

To assist pastors and church boards, we have prepared a summary of the 8 church health “vital signs.” To download a copy, click here.